Thursday, November 15, 2012

3rd grade Prints

After studying Gustav Klimt and his famous Tree of Life painting, 3rd graders created a symmetrical tree collograph.  We discussed positive and negative space and printed with gold ink in the spirit of Klimt's favorite color. 

After students printed, we discussed how artists know when an artwork is finished.  Some of the responses were,

 - "When all the steps are completed"

 - "When the space is filled"

 - "When the artist decides"

It was an interesting discussion as students pondered their decision making role in the creative process. 


  1. Magnificent! I love the oil pastel look this time. And the neat-ness the student's accomplished is outstanding. They must really have a great teacher.

  2. These are gorgeous. I'm planning on doing something similsr at the end of this term but I think I will go for a swirly twirly effect on polystyrene. Using the gold paint is a great idea and will look good printed onto newspaper or patterned backgrounds. Can't wait to get them started now.