Thursday, December 13, 2012

Aesthetic Discussions

3rd and 4th graders had some interesting discussions this week. 

 - Why is it important to look closely at an artwork?

 - What influences your opinion?  What influences your opinion about an artwork?

 - What can we learn from looking at artwork?

              The token response game is a classic way to get students to think about aesthetic issues and questions.  Students assign "rewards" to different artworks and then defend their reasoning.  Which artwork is your favorite?  Which is worth the most money?  Which took the longest to make?  Which artwork would you give as a gift?

              The Art Scavenger Hunt encourages students to look closer at artworks.  What changes as we examine them further?  Does your opinion change once you know more about it?



  1. If you are up for sharing your documents via school mail, I'd love to have them!