Thursday, April 25, 2013

5th grade Public Art

What is public art?  What is graffiti?  Can graffiti be a good thing?  What makes graffiti frowned upon?  How is a mural different from graffiti?

5th graders pondered these questions while discussing the Atlanta mural project called Living Walls.  A group of artists came together and created a dozen large murals throughout the city of Atlanta.  There was some controversy involved when one of the murals was painted over because the group didn't get the proper permission.  Students also learned about an Atlanta favorite, Evereman, who spreads his art through social media and word of mouth.  It was interesting to discuss these issues and compare opinions.

Students created a graffiti font of their names and displayed them in an urban environment.  We discussed atmospheric perspective and value while students painted a distant skyline.

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  1. This is an awesome project. You have synthesized quite a bit into one lesson and I really admire it!! Just pinned it to my 5th grade art idea board :)